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Retrospect Southern Africa

May 2017

Child in Africa

Retrospect 10.2014 to 05.2017

Southern Africa – wildlife paradise – imposing landscapes – encounter with simple, endearing people – a continent that elated us, but also stimulated reflection. 


  • Johannesburg „Jo’burg“, amazing, fascinating, ugly, millionaires villas, slums with shacks, compact traffic, morning and evening traffic jams for hours
  • Purchase of vehicles with own traffic register number
  • Kruger National Park, home of the Big 5

Elephants  dangerous cat

  • Kwazulu Natal Province with stealing baboons, hopping hornbills, snakes, lizards, screaming, cuddly, sweet bush babies with mega-Bambi-eyes, lurking crocodile
  • After the discovery caught fire purchase of the Land Cruiser; the bank of all places is scared of black money; theft safety and insurance are important topics in Africa.
  • Cape Town with its Table Mountain and cute dassies
  • Winelands Cape Region: «A meal without wine is called breakfast»; cellar tours with seductive wines; aromas of gooseberries, litchis and white peaches
  • Franschhoek Motor Museum, fist class garage gold
  • Cape of Good Hope, tourist hotspot
  • Karoo with desert-like landscapes and golden quiver tree forest
  • Garden Route, waves breaking on the cliffs; wild beaches; beautiful but touristy

Central Kalahari track


  • Central Kalahari Game Reserve, isolated, wide open spaces, Africa in its irresistible pureness
  • Burning vehicle in the largest sand area worldwide on our first off-road tour followed by a complicated tow-in procedure
  • Makgadikgadi Pans, extended lifeless land, solitude in the salt desert, Kubu Island with reddish grey granite formations and baobab trees, whose fruit grant super-powers
  • Chobe National Park, boundless wilderness with hundreds of massive elephants, fragile giraffes, compact hippos, nought baboons, roaring lions, snapping crocodiles and a shy leopard
  • Okavango-Delta, sunsets to kneel to, breath-taking, wildlife abundant marshes from a bird’s eye.

Okawango Delta  elephants at sunset

  • Moremi Game Reserve, patch-work of lagoons, forests; water-crossings; elephant encounters in unfenced camp
  • Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, rough and wild; orange red dune belts; green acacias; deep blue sky; cumulus clouds within reach; lioness at a successful oryx hunt followed by a bloody encounter with hyenas 
  • Mabuasehube Game Reserve, life threatening close encounter with lion
  • Daily beasty Africa – movie material; we love it!

lion in the camp  lion is taking our shoes

fascinating landscape in Namibia


  • Picture-book landscapes
  • Sossusvlei, glittering dune landscape in the unique desert with the Dead Vlei
  • Spitzkoppe, dramatische Felsformationen wie riesige Marmeln im Sandkasten
  • White Etosha Pan; wildebeest, zebras, antelopes, satisfied lions at the waterhole; lots of tourists with rental vehicles on the roads
  • Small desert-dwelling elephants with longer legs and lager feet than the «normal» ones, they walk up to 70 km daily in search of water
  • Off-roading in the Kaokoveld with visits to the half-naked Himba, covered with their brown «special lotion»
  • Tyre loss of the Conqueror Commander in the Caprivi Strip with repeated African relaxation action and the thus inevitable damage

Conqueror Commander wheel los

  • Mbunza, a people at the Okavango, warrior dance, nearly back in trance just thinking of it

Africa pure joy of life  Little 5

  • Tiras Mountains and NamibRand Nature Reserve with unique landscapes and diamond starry skies
  • Walvis Bay with fresh fish, breezy camping, ocean view from rocky half-island
  • The desert is alive, Little five in nature conservation area

 live next to the road


  • Lots of road blocks and sadly generally run-down infrastructure throughout the whole country
  • Poor, friendly, black inhabitants and corrupt clan with and around Mugabe
  • Matobo National Park, spectacular landscape with the grave of Cecil Rhodes
  • Hwange National Park, large herds of elephant at water holes

elephants at the waterhole  elephant with mud 

  • Lake Kariba, the world’s largest barrier lake with thousands of crocodiles
  • Victoria Falls, impressive with its thundering smoke



  • South and North Luangwa National Park, untouched nature with wildlife; hers of buffalo, steep roads and breath-taking vistas
  • Tree-breaking elephants directly at the campsite
  • Birds defending the nest with eggs against a green tree snakes at the Mutinondo Wilderness Lodge
  • Luambe National Park with herds of grunting, mouth-opening Hippos

scavenger  savory flower

  • Kapishya Hot Springs, relaxing in solitude and grand nature
  • Authentic Africa feeling

the monkeys play

Matema Beach


  • Road blocks with burning tyres upon entering the country; waiting for the elections whilst camping on the helicopter landing spot at the Utengule Coffee Lodge
  • Peponi Beach Lodge, daily fresh catch of the day on the menu; Dau race; pure sailing but no America Cup
  • Tourist rip-off in the national parks
  • 4 weeks Lake Malawi vacation at Matema-Beach celebrating our anniversary “10 years on tour“
  • Oh yes, I nearly forgot: Malaria of Edy at the Blue Canoe Lodge, short but violent, luckily without any repercussions

Cape Maclear


  • Zomba Plateau, that after deforestation has been declared as forest conservation area
  • Completely overloaded Buffalo Bikes; millions of devastatingly poor people; far too many very young, poor mothers
  • Eagles Nest with grand sunsets at the Malawi Lake horizon
  • Real Africa pure - poor

shopping in Malawi  child in Malawi


  • Lucky; crossing the conflict areas in the north without negative experiences
  • Walks along secluded, sandy beaches

sandy beaches in Mozambique

  • Traditional villages, extended families are living on little space in mud huts under poor conditions
  • Large, empty hotel and camping resorts; melancholy when we think about previous visits

 traditional dances  traditional dances


  • Valleys, hills and little towns
  • Tragic Africa, rich and poor; the corrupt king lives with his many wives ostentatiously and extravagantly whilst the people live in severe poverty
  • Mantenga Cultural Village, harmonic choral singing and wild, traditional dances 

Unforgettable travel experiences after sometimes intensive and adventurous 31 months on the road - we are ecstatic about the next stage – our life – our adventure!

  cute Zebras


Nothing is impossible