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USA: supervulcano and sudden start of winter

October 2018

USA Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park – a seething danger

Yellowstone is a super volcano and belongs to the biggest volcanos worldwide. Apparently, the ground is lifting and dropping every now and then. The magma is situated only 8 kilometres beneath the surface, thus you are literally sitting on top of a pressure cooker. If that lid blows not much will be left of North America.
Numerous geysers, hot springs, bubbling mud holes and colourful water ponds count as highlights of this park. Sometimes, heavy, of sulphur smelling fumes as well as the altitude make it hard to breathe. Occasionally the view from the wooden walkways was not really promising due to all the steam.
Bisons, formidable beef-cakes, are hardly bothered by the tourists surrounding them and even make themselves comfortable right next to the road.
A cold snap, blocked roads, mobile homes lying in the ditch made us leave the park after six days already. All this and more made our visit in this national park a highlight in our traveling life.



Buffalo Bill 

The legendary Western hero

Buffalo Bill, der bison hunter, scout against Indian tribes and founder of modern show business. As witty business man he travelled with his Wild West Show through the continents and became world famous. The Buffalo Bill Historical Centre in Cody, which hosts five museums under one roof, shows a lot about the Wild West. We especially liked the Indian exhibition.

American bison

Entry USA

Once again, we managed a border crossing without problems. Although a stay of three months would have been sufficient for us before continuing to Mexico – our last USA visa expired only 3 days ago – we received another 6-month residency permit. The officer asked us about our where tos and where froms. We told him about the strong smoke on Canada and that was it. He wished us a safe journey and let us go. Thankful that he did not inspect our vehicle we drove off.

Northen Lite Truck Camper winter resistant

Winter resistant Truck Camper

Our Northern Lite Truck Camper has proven itself as a  cosy, movable home during minus temperatures, snow and ice. During icy winds and strong snow flurry we enjoyed our comfortable heated home, especially during the night. On campsites without electricity our thermostat-controlled gas heating purred and on campsites with outside electricity the little electric heater was enough thanks to the super insulated cabin.
We feel sorry for the older people which are badly equipped and have to freeze through the night in their tents.
A similar category are the car sleepers, who park their cars anywhere and spend the night on the back seats. However, these are normally younger, not so effiminated people.