Actionmobil Robusto

170'000km driven from 2005-09 until 2013-03 in Europe, Northern Africa, South America and Asia

Chassis MAN TGA 33.480 6x6

  • Extended driver's cab with electrical tilting mechanism, raising roof
  • Wheel base 4200 mm + 1400 mm
  • Engine performance 353 kW / 480 PS Euro 3
  • Torque 2300 Nm at 1000 to 1300 rpm
  • Electronically controlled speed limit of 110 kph, cruise control
  • Alternator reinforced 28V 110A 3080Watt
  • MAN Comfort Shift Gear, 16 forward gears & 2 backward gears
  • Power divider road/off-road
  • Additional optional front-wheel drive
  • Differential lock on front and rear axles
  • Front axle parable springs, Ecas air suspension on rear axles, 3rd axle can be relieved
  • MAN Brakematic drum brakes with ABS on front and rear axle
  • Tyres: Michelin 14.00 R 20 XZL, tubeless
  • Fuel tank volume 760 litres gazoil plus 100 litres petrol (ATV)
  • Gazoil pre-filter, heated, with water separator
  • Alarm system including anti-theft installation
  • 2 luxury seats with air suspension, one berth or 2 emergency seats respectively
  • Camera for reversing, satellite navigation (GPS)
  • Integrated air condition, additional auxiliary heating, engine pre-heating
  • Refrigerator
  • Protection bar against branches
  • Pneumatic horns
  • Area and distance headlamp
  • Additionally passage to the cabin lockable

Cabin from Action Mobil

Our vehicle makes us feel at home wherever we are:

  • TTF intermediate frame
  • Body unit consisting of fibre glass composite plates
  • Two-part entrance door with electrically extendable latter
  • Lockable access to driver's cab
  • Skylight with safety glass
  • Double insulated, top-hinged windows with shutters and moskito nets
  • Living room seating unit with electrically lowerable table to be used as a bed for two people
  • Bedroom with a double bed „Hüsler Nest"
  • Sanitary room: Shower, toilet, wash basin, hanger cupboard with mirror
  • Kitchen: induction stove, oven with microwave, refrigerator, deep freezer, washing machine with dryer, cupboards with pull-out shelves
  • Wardrobe and wall cupboards, storage compartments
  • Storage compartments and storage boxes with access from outside
  • Gel batteries 1000Ah at 24V (12x2V)
  • DC-DC converter 24/12V-20A
  • Battery charger 2 x 24V/75A
  • Sinus converter 2 x 5000Watt (24V)
  • Solar panel installation of 4 x 125 Watt
  • 6 kW diesel generator
  • Sufficient power supply, no need for gas
  • 780 l drinking water tank including sterilization and filtration unit
  • 30 l hot water-heat exchanger, using generator waste heat
  • 180 l waste-water tank
  • 120 l sewage tank
  • Warm water central heating 2 x 5kW, specifically adjustable for extreme altitudes
  • Air condition with 3,2 kW cooling performance
  • Control panel for power management and liquid storages
  • Alarm system and outside floodlights
  • Multimedia system
  • 4 traction plates
  • Ram protection
  • ATV garage
  • Crane for loading 2 spare truck tyres and 2 ATV tyres, including rim
  • Overall dimensions: length 9900mm, width 2500mm, height 3700mm (length does not include crane of 500mm)
  • GVWR: 33'000 kg, administratively reduced to below 20'000 kg

ATV Kawasaki KVF 700-A 2/4x4

Driving fun and freedom in nature.
The ATV (all terrain vehicle) will allow us to explore area around our campsites.
Drives on adventurous trails, over sand dunes, along wonderful beaches and through rough mountain areas.

  • Engine: liquid-cooled, 697 cm3 SOHC, 4-valve V-Twin engine, including electrical starter
  • Engine performance: 39,7 kW (54 PS) / 6500 rpm
  • Torque: 60,1 Nm / 5000 rpm
  • Gearbox: KAPS (Kawasaki Automatic Power Drive System) with gear for fast/slow operation plus backwards gear (Vario), including engine brake
  • Wheel drive: drive shaft, FWD can easily be switched on via an electronic switch
  • Brakes front: 2 double piston dual disc brake
  • Brakes rear: oil-bath disc brakes
  • Tyres front: AT 25 x 8-12, tubeless
  • Tyres rear: AT 25 x 10-12, tubeless
  • Front suspension: Mac Pherson with triangle steering wheel
  • Rear suspension: Rocker arm and strut unit
  • Dimensions: length 2190 x width 1180 x height 1175 mm
  • Tare weight: 273 kg
  • Fuel tank volume: 17 litres
  • Tachometer bord computer with a multitude of functions and displays

Why did we sell the Action Mobil Robusto?