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The first Action Mobil Robusto test journey

Over six years ago, we travelled on our old expedition truck (Action Mobil MAN 9.150) trough South Africa for 6 month. It was a wonderful time: wild animals, secluded campsites, rough tracks and many adventures.

In Cariba (Zimbabwe), during lunch, beneath palms, while enjoying a glass of South African white wine, the idea arose, to start the third part of our lives a little earlier by going on an unlimited trip around the world.

Back home we began to realize our dream: planning, preparation and saving took us a few years. Since it was our plan to live on a vehicle year in, year out, our ideal was a small house on wheels.

By the end of September, we finally gave up our domicile and moved into Action Mobil Robusto.

Our First test journey took us to Tunisia, where we accompanied the Rally Erg Orient - ourselves being joined by other Action Mobil owners and a service vehicle with mechanics and electricians supplied by Action Mobil.

We learnt a lot from the exchange of ideas and interesting discussions with experienced travellers. It made us all the determined to live a life of nomads, unlimited and without contraints.

We have extensively tested and driven our new home, Robusto. Travelling in it turned out to be fantastic:

  • on tar roads it runs like a normal car
  • on corrugated tracks it has a very comfortable driving behaviour
  • on sand, it runs like a caterpillar tank
  • and inside we enjoy the comfort of a *****hotel

The MAN chassis and the Action Mobil body structure have revealed themselves as the right choice. So far, we are totally happy with this successful symbiosis.

Edy and Brigitte