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Algeria: August - September 2002

August - September 2002

Algeria August 2002

Algeria August / September

For five weeks we travelled through this fascinating country.
On our MAN - 10 tons, 4x4, some 1500 km autonomy in extreme terrain, suitable for sandy tracks -
we mastered the whole route without problems.


An Algerian Sahara adventure

2200 km of tar roads and 3000 km of the beaten tracks and sand.
Two tyres were torn into pieces because of driving for too long on very hot and rough asphalt.

Algeria Itinerary

  • Hazoua-Hassi-Messaoud-Hassi Bel Guebbour:
    on tar roads through the dunes of Grand Erg Oriental.
  • Amguid-In Ecker: basic partly stony, partly sandy corrugated tracks.
  • Tamanghasset: tar road.
    Assekrem-Hirhafok: a neckbreaking distance over hill and dale combined with deep ditches and washed down tracks in many places. In such areas, a feeling for track condition and vehicle capability are indispensable. Spectacular views over the volcanic Hoggar range as well as the colourful Gueltas, in an overwhelming landscape.
  • Idelès-Serouenout-Erg Admer-Djanet: stony, sandy plains and the terrific experience of travelling across the Erg Admers. Driving over these enormous dunes conveys the feeling of travelling through a huge sandbox.
  • Illizi: a desert route on a tar road in a magnificent landscape.
  • After Illizi on a ditch track: the desert presents itself in its diversity. provided the gps-routes. With such an easy to use navigation system, we enjoyed the terrific landscape even more.

We and our friends with their Bucher Duro got the entry and route permit without any problems, even though, entry and departure formalities seemed to take forever. Surprisingly, the cars were not checked, nor were the car inspected. Imported and exported currency was just written down, but not checked.

Don't move - avoid any physical effort - 55°C in the shade!
The consumption of drinking water was up to 10 litres per person and day.
We moved as little as possible!
Amigo, our American Staffordshire Terrier, the ideal guardian and watchdog, was wearing a wet T-Shirt to get through the heat of the day. The nights were spent comfortably on our camping beds outdoors. We climbed dunes at 5 am, when the temperature was still bearable.

For safety reasons we travelled together with our friends and with two vehicles, due to the political situation we avoided the northern part of the country.
Day after day we were on our own and if another vehicle was approaching, we were very cautious and attentive, but enjoyed the few encounters with the very friendly locals.

Once again our recreation vehicle passed the test in extreme terrain, high temperatures and rough tracks.

Edy and Brigitte